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Calumet Farm - Lexington, KY

Why should you choose a Private Tour?

Private tours give you the option of seeing the things that YOU want to see, in the privacy of just YOUR group, in YOUR vehicle.  Yes, you'll pay a bit more than you would for a public tour, but private guides will take you to places no mere public tour has time to do.  This could be a once-in-a-lifetime visit.  Why not do it right?

Yes, the Lexington area is known for its horse farms, but there's so much more to see and experience here - everything from historic distilleries to an ultra-modern automobile assembly plant. Some things are best done with a guide, others can be done on your own. I can help you make the best of your time and budget.

I have over 30 years of tour experience - both with large groups and with individuals. I'm proud to show guests the area that I've come to know and love. I'm registered as a private guide with the Lexington Convention & Visitors Bureau and with the Kentucky Department of Tourism.

If you haven’t done so already, I’d suggest that you use the Lexington Convention & Visitors Bureau’s website and/or our state's tourism site as starting points. They'll give you ideas about places to visit. You might also check TripAdvisor for user-reviews of everything from hotels & restaurants, to tour guides. Once you’ve got some thoughts, I can give you an idea about what will fill up as little as 4 hours (my minimum) or as long as a full day or two.

Claiborne Farm - Paris, KY


Tour fees are based on the length of your tour - not the number of folks in your group - a couple, vanload, or busload - same price. 

Your only added expense would be a per-person, per-farm fee charged by a central booking agency - the farm equivalent of Ticketmaster.  Most farm visit tickets will cost $25 per person, so I'll recommend ONE of our best.  If you want to do more, that can happen, for a price.  I've found that most visitors are delighted with a visit to just one farm.  Want to add a second farm?  No problem!

Tours are conducted in YOUR vehicle, not in a van as part of a public tour group. We may join others at a horse farm stop, otherwise it's just you and your guide. Your guide will be happy to do the driving and let you soak up the scenery, but that's entirely up to you.

Your tour is reserved when we've received a check for 50% of the total fee, or a credit card for the full amount.  That deposit is due 10 days after you've scheduled your tour, regardless of when the tour will actually happen. Should you need to cancel, that amount is refundable up to 30 days before your scheduled tour. After 30 days out, it's still refundable, but only if the date you cancel can be re-booked with another client.  Farm visit tickets are refundable with sufficient notice. 

The balance is due by cash or check on the day of your tour.   I'm able to accept most major credit cards, with a small processing fee.

Interested? Let's get planning!

We'll be happy to work with you on planning your total visit, so ask all the questions you'd like!

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